Jane Marie

Jane Marie is a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist who produced This American Life for nearly a decade before becoming an independent content creator. She is the host of the Little Everywhere & Stitcher original documentary podcast The Dream and the official Tinder podcast by Gimlet Creative, DTR. As a writer, Jane served as an editor for Jezebel and The Hairpin, penned columns for various sites including The Toast and Cosmopolitan and collaborated with outlets including Epic MagazineEarwolf and PBS. She lives in LA with her daughter, Goldie.

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Dann Gallucci

Dann Gallucci is a Grammy nominated and ASCAP Award-winning audio engineer, producer, songwriter and musician. He's written and toured a number of records as a member of Modest Mouse and Cold War Kids. After making the move to radio and podcasts, he produced the public radio program Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, An Oral History of the 1993 Tappan Jr. High School Talent Show, HBO’s Where Do You Exist? and The Dreamwhich he also co-hosted.  As a mixer he has worked with the MTV Podcast Network and Politically Reactive. He lives in LA with his daughter, Maria.


Lyra Smith

Lyra Smith is a producer who has worked on The Uncertain Hour, S-Town, This American Life , The Nation and LA Review of Books. When not making podcasts, she makes comedy. You can see her in sketches and web series at different spots on the internet, including Comedy Central.