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The holidays are here, and our one-of-a-kind gifts take the guesswork out of shopping. 

Time Capsule Podcast

School photos, art projects and well-loved stuffed animals will eventually be tucked in a box, a collection of childhood mementos preserved for future decades. But what about that squeaky voice — the one that warbles “Let it Go” at top volume, spins tales of dragons and unicorns, whispers goodnight at the end of a long day? We want to bottle that voice. We want to capture those stories.

This holiday, Little Everywhere is opening up the studio to parents and kids for Time Capsule Podcast sessions.

How it works

You purchase a Time Capsule Podcast session for a hard-to-shop-for parent, and a gift certificate is delivered by email.* The parent and child then visit our recording studio, where they’ll both be set up with a headset and microphone. We'll give the parent a list of prompts that will capture their child’s personality at this exact moment in time. Parent asks, kid answers and an audio engineer records the conversation.

At the end of the session, parent and kid will head home to celebrate their podcasting talents with milk and cookies. We’ll get to work producing, editing and adding music to the audio track. One week later, they’ll receive a polished Time Capsule Podcast session, an MP3, by email.

* We recommend gifting sessions to friends and family, but you can keep the session for you and your child — we won’t tell.

Session duration

30 minutes



Studio Session

Your best friend’s DIY podcast could sound better. Your boyfriend talks about starting a podcast. Your daughter is destined to be the next Sarah Koenig. We believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams... and have access to a first-rate recording studio."

There’s no better gift for a podcaster — or future podcaster — than the tools to do it right. Little Everywhere is now offering gift certificates for studio sessions, which include one hour of studio time with premier recording equipment and an audio engineer. See more about our facility here.

How it works

You reserve a session in your loved one’s name, and we send an email gift certificate to their inbox. Through tears of joy, they call Little Everywhere to book an appointment. Next step: they come in and get to work. The space is theirs for an hour. An audio engineer will make sure everything goes smoothly and will deliver the crisp, clear MP3 file as soon as the session is complete.

Session duration

1 hour